"24K Suea Koo" Retro Style Muay Thai Shorts.
Prime Athletics Brand has always set the standard with the quality, design and vision of their apparel and gear. These shorts are NO EXCEPTION. Hand-made and authentically made in Thailand, these retro style shorts feature mesh side panels, Suea Koo Front (Suea Koo means 'Twin Tigers' and is a symmetrical Sak Yant with the two tigers representing “Maha Amnaj” [power over one's subordinates]).

"24K Suea Koo" Retro Style Muay Thai Shorts


These Prime Athletics Brand "24K Suea Koo" shorts are being offered at 24% off retail price just for pre-ordering. This pre-order will only offer sizes that have already been ordered, and when they are sold out, these shorts will not return. The pre-order will end on March 12th.