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Prime Athletics' Core Values


Good enough never is.  We are passionate about the company and its success. We are committed fully to all divisions, our customers, our family, and to each other.


We take ownership for the quality of our individual work but also take pride in what we deliver as a team; our focus is on a successful outcome for all.


We believe, simply, in doing the right thing.

We question when others speak or act in ways contrary to our values. We take smart risks and we're not afraid of controversy.



We value the talent, time and intentions of everyone who works for us and those we work with.


Uncompromising Standards.

We do what we say we are going to do. If something happens to prevent that, we determine the new course and communicate quickly.



What started as a dream became a realty when Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sean Rockwell, established and incorporated Prime Athletics Corporation on October 1, 2008.

Starting as an apparel and athletic gear brand, Prime Athletics set out to standout by offering the highest quality product for an honest and reasonable price. In a market that was saturated with over priced and "flashy" products, Prime moved in a more professional direction.

While becoming a staple in the Northeast Mixed Martial Arts community, Prime was growing quickly and receiving notoriety world-wide for their hybrid training/fight shorts.

In 2012, Prime Athletics Brand, with thanks to the New England MMA Promotion 'Cage Titans FC', was featured in the critically acclaimed Kevin James movie, "Here Comes the Boom". 

In 2014, the Executive Board of Directors decided there was a need to expand in order continue to make a difference. It was then that Prime Athletics Corporation became a "parent company" which housed both Prime Athletics Brand and their new division, Prime Elite Management. 

As of now, Prime Athletics Corporation has five divisions under their umbrella. In addition to Prime Athletics Brand (Prime Brand) and Prime Elite Management, there is Primed 4 Gold (an event division offering various camps and seminars throughout the Northeast), Prime Customization (an extension of the Prime Brand, creating individual custom orders ranging in banners and patches to unique two-piece wrestling uniforms and everything in between) and PAC Videos (a multimedia division designed to develop movie quality story boards, documentaries and PR kits for athletes).


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